Digital Fingerprinting

ACCU Fingerprinting New Jersey specializes in live scan, also known as electronic or digital fingerprinting. We offer two types of digital fingerprinting, Live Scan and Electronic Fingerprinting. The Live Scan process is specifically for background checks within New Jersey State. The Electronic fingerprinting process caters to those applicants located within all 50 states. Mobile Live Scan services are available to all of our customers-businesses and individuals who do not have ability or schedule for an in-house appointment of this service. We offer these services at our facility as well as traveling to your home or office on a Mobile basis. Our devices electronically capture the image of the fingerprints. We then laser print them on to a fingerprint card, with the personal descriptor information. In some cases applicants can electronically send them to the Agency or Employer performing the background check.

Fingerprinting had traditionally been done with ink and paper before being sent to the FBI for processing. Increasingly, employers are turning to inkless live scan technology to speed up the process by sending electronic fingerprints online. Live Scan is more precise than ink rolled fingerprints, and has minute rejection rate (0.1% rejection rate). Some industries such as healthcare, insurance and financial services require separate cards for each state. This means applicants must be fingerprinted over and over again on separate cards. This process is very time consuming and expensive. Live Scan Fingerprinting offers applicants the opportunity to be electronically fingerprinted and then submit the records to multiple agencies (ORI'S) at once. This is a great benefit for busy executives or individuals who need to be fingerprinted in different states or for different disciplines.

Our Live Scan Systems can be used for:

  • FINRA submissions
  • American Banking Association Submissions
  • NYS DCJS Submissions
  • Record archiving
  • For people that are required to submit fingerprint cards to multiple states or agencies, we can scan you once and then print out as many fingerprint cards as needed on our FBI certified card printer. These fingerprint cards are original documents, not copies and have never been rejected.

Benefits of Live Scan Fingerprinting

Ease of Operation

Ink is unnecessary for electronic fingerprinting. Your fingerprints are “rolled” across a glass plate and scanned. It is faster and easier than the traditional ink method.

Time Factor

The process of scanning your prints through the Live Scan machine only takes between 5 – 10 minutes. It’s quick, easy, and very convenient.

Fewer Reasons for Rejection

Live Scan will avoid many of the problems associated with ink printing, including smudging, smearing, over and under inking. Live Scan is extremely accurate and can capture your print within seconds. In the event your print is rejected on the screen, it will just take a couple more seconds to re-process.

Processing Time

A major benefit of Live Scan is the processing time. Your fingerprints are directly transmitted to the Department of Criminal Justice for fast, effective and efficient processing. With Live Scan almost anyone without a criminal record can be processed within a three day time period. Rolled ink prints can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to be processed. The quicker the processing time, the quicker you’re able to start working.

To schedule a fingerprinting appointment or to inquire about pricing, please contact us at 201.262.0115 or via email in the contact us section.