Ink Printing

Fingerprint Cards

The most frequent types of fingerprinting requests are for traditional ink rolled fingerprints. This is when an experienced technician rolls an applicants fingers on a card using ink. We specialize in ink rolled fingerprinting and have printed thousands of applicants this way for over 9 years. We use the most advanced equipment available to provide our clients with the best possible service available.

Accu Fingerprinting New Jersey uses porelon based ink pads. The ink can be easily removed from applicants' fingers with soap and water after fingerprinting. We also provide applicants with pre-wipe towelettes which remove debris from fingers prior to printing to help achieve the best possible impression.

Applicant has Cards

Often applicants already have fingerprint cards that are sent to them via the Agency requesting the fingerprints. The ORI # (Originating Response Indicator) is usually filled out on the top right section of the card. This signifies the Agency who is doing the background check on the fingerprints. If the applicant is being fingerprinted for FINRA there will be a bar code with a number on the left hand section under the applicants’ signature. Since the applicant is only given a limited number of cards it is imperative to provide the best possible prints because it wastes valuable time to order new cards if prints come out bad.

ACCU Fingerprinting New Jersey supplies cards

The standard FBI Card, called the FD 258 is the universal fingerprint card accepted to transmit ink rolled fingerprints. We always have these cards in stock and we can provide them in large quantities when needed. A sample of these cards can be seen below:

FD 258 Card

Our technicians always bring extra FD 258 cards for each assignment in case there are additional applicants who need to be fingerprinted or if an applicant wants to be printed on additional cards for future requirements.

Our fingerprint technicians as part of our service assist applicants in filling out the cards correctly along with any accompanying documentation.

Filling out the Information Section on Cards

Our company, ACCU Fingerprinting New Jersey has developed a computer program used solely for the purpose of filling out the upper portion of fingerprint cards. We use a laser printer to add this information to the card. This can be done the day before a scheduled appointment or the same day when visiting our facility. The personal identification information should be printed in black on the top portion of the fingerprint card. If filled out wrong or illegible a card can be rejected. There is an additional fee for this service. We completely eliminate the chance for rejection due to the inability for licensing agencies to read handwritten fingerprint cards. This valuable service is not performed by any other company in New Jersey and is unique to ACCU Fingerprinting New Jersey.

To schedule a fingerprinting appointment or to inquire about pricing, please contact us at 201.262.0115 or via email in the contact us section.